Monday, May 21, 2012

{Reminisce LTD- new business venture}

I started a new art and photography business on facebook. Reminisce LTD I recently started the page. Right now I'm in the process of making some pendant jewelry with my graphics. I hope you still stop by and "like" my page. I have a few samples up of the current items I'm working on =) This is going to be an exciting new adventure~


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{ Vintage Kodak Brownie }

I love photography and cameras, especially my Nikon 70s DSL. I take pictures almost every day! My love for taking pictures and cameras has spured on a new collection, vintage cameras. Not that I needed much help starting a new obsession. Once a collector always a collector.

My son Christopher found this adorable little Brownie Bullet at the flea market recently for a great price of $2!! He thought I would like it for my collection..... well YEAH!!! He's a keeper my son.

I didn't know much about this little camera so I did some research on the internet. The Brownie Bullet was made from 1957 to 1964. It was never sold by Kodak but was made for promotional purposes. Companies gave away the camera for free or in the instance of Campbells soup, you collected soup labels and received a camera. The companies had a "give away" and Kodak gained new customers because they had to buy film and use developing.
My Brownie is a Canadian version. The camera is made out of bakelite. It's small and light and fits in the palm of your hand. I'm so happy to have it in my collection.

I'm also glad that I have a digital camera to take pictures with now. I don't think I could stand waiting for film to be developed any more!

PS That lil girl sitting on the lap...(is me!)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{ Word of the Year }

Have you chosen a Word of the Year?
Apparently, a Word of the Year is the new New Years resolution.
(I know I should have posted this in January, but it's never too late!)

Basically, you choose one word that has the potential to inspire you and create intention in your life, all year long.
I heard about The Word of the Year link pary that will be going on at The Lettered Cottage. It got me thinking...

What word would I pick to inspire me this year....
It's a toss up between two words, Yes and Blessed.
I'm having a hard time choosing which one, I think I need both this year.

I chose the word "yes" because frankly I tend to say "no" a lot more then yes. Not because I'm too busy, or have better things to do. But no, because I'm more backward and shy. I don't like new situations. I get uncomfortable. I don't like wandering too far from my well traveled path. But, this year I'm going to try and be brave and say "yes" more often. What do I have to loose? I want to open myself up to fun, to new adventures. New places, new things, new food and new people. Hopefully when I look back on the year I will be happy I said yes!

The other word "blessed" is more personal. Times are so busy. The days fly by. Sometimes I look back and think where did the (day, week, month) go. I want to be more aware of the blessings I have. Sometimes I get caught up in the "wants" and forget to be thankful for what I do have. A loving Husband, Son, Daughter in Law, home, kittes, food and more. I saw a quote recently that made me pause.... What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things that you thanked God for yesterday~ hmmmmmmmmm I want to be more thankful.

I may have to write "yes" on my hand and "blessed" on the other, to remember my new words...... YES world here I come, I'm thankful for each day I get to try!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

{ Craft Room - lil chest of drawers re-do }

Starting out small on my craft room (formally my son's bedroom)re-do. Getting this room done is long long over due. He was been married for over a year and out of the house for two plus years. =) I guess I had to wait till my heart was ready to change his childhood bedroom.

So here is the project in all its ugliness. This little dresser was used as a baby dresser for my oldest sister (I'll be sweet and not post her age) and all the babies in the family since. Including her two grown sons, and mine. It was formally an odd shade of beige. Then when my son was young I gave it a "country" make-over.

I'm almost a shamed to post the photos, it looks so ugly. What was I thinking? The shade is a country burgundy. I think it is definately time for a re-do.

New knobs or not? That is the question. Is the little dresser worth purchasing ten new knobs? Maybe I can find some at the flea market come spring...

Here are the color swatches that I gathered from Lowes recently. I really can't decide if it should be green or blue. I am totally in love with spring/lime greens. Then I have seen some beautiful furniture done in sort of a Tiffany box blue... decisions, decisions.

Out of the batch of green I like two of the samples. I love yellow green, or spring green. Some are to light, one too dark especially for in the room where the dresser will be.

I love two of the shades of blue. But should it be light or dark... I'm never going to be able to decide.

Even MORE blues, this time from True Value...

Then last night I was thinking................... what about purple???

I need help... what color would you paint this lil dresser?