Friday, October 7, 2011

{ Freebie-Autumn Recipe Card to print }

(sample shown smaller than actual size)

A little giftie for you~
Printable Autumn recipe card. Prints out two 4 x6 cards on a sheet of card stock. Enjoy!

Use link to download JPEG file. Do not reshare.
For personal use only. Mouse drawn graphics by MeMeAnn's. Do not claim design as your own or use in any way for sale.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{ The Giving Pond }

The Giving Pond~ my favorite place to spend a day. Beautiful, serene. So quiet you can enjoy the birds and butterflies. I'm to grateful for this beautiful place to spent time at. To photograph, to simply enjoy~
Textures by Kim Klassen

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Monday, October 3, 2011

[ Ricketts Glen State Park }

The other weekend my Honey and I went to Rickett's Glen State Park. It was our first time visiting this beautiful park. The park is in upstate Pennsylvania. A touch of fall was just showing up in the area.

I did some research on the park. The gorge along the creek is home to many "old growth" trees. By counting the rings on fallen trees, some have been found to be 500 to 900 years old.

There are two main trails along the falls. We only were able to hike a little more than half way down the Glen Leigh trail. This trail has eight waterfalls, with names such as Onondaga, F.L. Ricketts, Huron, Ozone, R.B. Ricketts, B. Reyonalds, Wyandot.

Because it was late in the day, we were only able to view five of the falls. We made it down to Ozone.

There were many small tubling falls inbetween. Most of the trail was easy to hike until you can to the falls.

Late in the day we sat by a quiet peaceful lake and watched the sunset. Mostly we were the only people there. It is a magical place. I can't wait to see it again in all its fall splendor.