Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby Dolls~

I love dolls; I don't have too many of them in my collection. My two favorites are both dolls that I made. It was a lot of fun and hard work making the doll. Sanding and painting the porcelain took some time to make it perfect. I made Sugar Birches first and after made a boy doll after my son. I sewed the frilly dress for Sugar britches from some left over material I had. My sister made a doll too, so hers got a pretty dress also. Couldn't let them come home nekked. =)

My dolly, Laura is on the right~

I had so much fun making the first doll, that I made one for my big sister Sandy. She called her Andrea.
My doll Laura, on the right, is wearing my son Chris' baby shoes from his christening.

The lil boy doll I made to look like my son Chris when he was little. Blonde hair and brown eyes. He always wore overhauls that I made for him when he was about three. So I made the doll a pair too. The little blue blanket that he has is actually a piece from my son's "babby". Shhhh don't tell him.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Treasures~

Visited the flea market on a misty rainy Sunday morning with my son Chris. I was surprised that people were there. Good thing we stopped, and took a chance. Found a few new treasures~

I've decided to start a new collection (not that I needed another one) red and white china. I've been coming to the flea market for the last few weeks and this time was the first time I came across someone selling an assortment of dishes. I picked out three pretty ones of different styles to start my collection. I've been wanting a red willow piece =) Red is my favorite color! They will look pretty hanging in my dinning room.

Another person was selling a variety of old and vintage furniture. I saw this oak Victorian piece and new it was what I was looking for. The finish is worn but I just loved the style with its hand turned legs. I put it in my room until I decide if I want to refinish it or paint it.. What would you do with it?

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Other Side of Me~

Normally I can describe myself as a wife, mom, photographer, scrapbooker, flea market hunter, cat lover, Victorian and country lover, lace and frills...BUT, there is another side all together.... the one that showed up this past weekend. The speed lover, high octane, rubber burning,roar of the engines, backflipping (not me, my favorite driver) NASCAR lover. Yes, I'm hopelessly addicted to Nascar, for a long long time.

This weekend was my first race of the season at Pocono Raceway. I count the days till June rolls around. Spent two days at the track. Friday I got to see and talk to my favorite driver Carl Edwards. =) You know you are addicted when he recognizes you and says "nice to see you again". Got my hug and photo with him. Carl is one of the best out there. What a great role model and all around nice guy. Even non fans have great things to say about him.

Carl Edwards and his PR Randy Fuller. Makes your your day, when they recognize you!

Had fun, a photographer took some pics of me and a friend and we made it in the online edition of the Pocono Record. My "HAND" was also on the front page of the paper... Sillyness, but fun.

(from the Pocono Record)

Sunday was a misty rainy day. Thought for sure that the rain would come down on us as it often does at Pocono. We made it through. Seeing a race in person is awesome with 75, 000+ other fans. My guy Carl, had car trouble but he was able to finish. He still holds the Championship lead by five points.

Congrats to Jeff Gordon on winning the race. He is also a very nice guy!
Now I'm counting down the days until the next race in August. I told you I was addicted!!!