Thursday, November 17, 2011

{ Pinterest- Christmas Finds }

I'm hopelessly addicted to Pinterest, especially for the holidays. So much to see, so many possibilities. Instead of just lurking on Pinterest, I plan on using some of the wonderful ideas I've found. People will think I'm a craft genius!! Should I let them think so??? I can't help that I'm an information junkie. To follow me on Pinterest use the link in the upper right on my blog =)

I love a Victorian Christmas in red, white and green.

A country Christmas just feels like home~

Did the Who's from Whoville bake this cute cake?

Simple Country Christmas says welcome~

Nothing is prettier than a snowflake outside or on the tree. I plan on making some of these.

So what wonderful things have your found on Pinterest? If you haven't tried it yet be warned... it's addictive!

Happy Pinning~

Sunday, November 13, 2011

{ Scrapbooking FREE Candy Corn Alpha Set U-Z }

Cute candy corn letters for all your fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving scrapbooking pages. I had so much fun drawing them. I hope you enjoy using them on your pages... make memories!

Collect the set. Candy Corn Alpha set for scrapbooking, printing.
300dpi PNG files.

For you own personal use. Do not re-share, sell or put in any collections.
Please read my Terms Of Use included in the zip file before using my graphics.

Please give credit to this blog when posting your scrapbooking pages online.

There ya go........ I hope you collected the whole set. Watch for the next alpha collection..... Candy Canes =)

Collect the Set:
Collect A-E here
Collect F-J here
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