Thursday, January 12, 2012

{ Craft Room - lil chest of drawers re-do }

Starting out small on my craft room (formally my son's bedroom)re-do. Getting this room done is long long over due. He was been married for over a year and out of the house for two plus years. =) I guess I had to wait till my heart was ready to change his childhood bedroom.

So here is the project in all its ugliness. This little dresser was used as a baby dresser for my oldest sister (I'll be sweet and not post her age) and all the babies in the family since. Including her two grown sons, and mine. It was formally an odd shade of beige. Then when my son was young I gave it a "country" make-over.

I'm almost a shamed to post the photos, it looks so ugly. What was I thinking? The shade is a country burgundy. I think it is definately time for a re-do.

New knobs or not? That is the question. Is the little dresser worth purchasing ten new knobs? Maybe I can find some at the flea market come spring...

Here are the color swatches that I gathered from Lowes recently. I really can't decide if it should be green or blue. I am totally in love with spring/lime greens. Then I have seen some beautiful furniture done in sort of a Tiffany box blue... decisions, decisions.

Out of the batch of green I like two of the samples. I love yellow green, or spring green. Some are to light, one too dark especially for in the room where the dresser will be.

I love two of the shades of blue. But should it be light or dark... I'm never going to be able to decide.

Even MORE blues, this time from True Value...

Then last night I was thinking................... what about purple???

I need help... what color would you paint this lil dresser?



  1. My favorite blue I only know as a hex code which is #0099FF.

  2. Oooh, I see so much potential in that dresser! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Hi! I'm visiting from a blog list and thought I'd pop on over to say hello! I need some creative inspiration so I look forward to reading your posts! I'm gonna run over and follow you now.

    Hope you'll drop sometime and follow me too :) Thanks!


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