Thursday, November 17, 2011

{ Pinterest- Christmas Finds }

I'm hopelessly addicted to Pinterest, especially for the holidays. So much to see, so many possibilities. Instead of just lurking on Pinterest, I plan on using some of the wonderful ideas I've found. People will think I'm a craft genius!! Should I let them think so??? I can't help that I'm an information junkie. To follow me on Pinterest use the link in the upper right on my blog =)

I love a Victorian Christmas in red, white and green.

A country Christmas just feels like home~

Did the Who's from Whoville bake this cute cake?

Simple Country Christmas says welcome~

Nothing is prettier than a snowflake outside or on the tree. I plan on making some of these.

So what wonderful things have your found on Pinterest? If you haven't tried it yet be warned... it's addictive!

Happy Pinning~

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