Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last Days of Autumn~

Quiet fall morning. The birds were singing outside my back door waiting for their daily hand out.  It's interesting how they know I feed them each morning. They start gathering around jumping from branch to branch in the red Maple tree. I filled up the feeder with bread and seeds. The Nut hatch and Chickadees were quick to arrive. Of course soon the squirrels followed. My kitty Sparky and I enjoyed some snuggle time as we watched from the back door.


  1. Hi Mary Ann, I love your photo of the squirrel. I got your link through Facebook, you may remember me through Country Thyme Graphics & several artists groups. We used to live near New York City but my husband's job has made us move to the South. Anyway, I hope I can add your blog to my reads. Hugs

  2. Hi MaryAnn!
    Love your new blog, it is so cute here!!
    Hope you are having a cozy evening.

  3. Hi MaryAnn, it's lovely in here! Love the pic of the squirrel. He's adorable lol. Thank you for letting me know your blog link. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. Lotsa hugs


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