Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flea Market Style

Just bought the Spring issue of Flea Market Style. Now I can't wait for mail to come =) Flea Market Style Blog

I've become hopelessly addicted to flea markets. From reading several blogs it seems Flea Markets are different in other areas of the country. Beautiful booths set up with goodies and other hand made items. I wish I could go to one of these markets.

At the Blue Ridge Flea Market we get up early in the morning on the weekend. The parking lot gets packed early. The vendors bring their own tables to the market other place their items on old warped wooden tables that the market provides. A lot of people just display their items on the ground on tarps. The Blue Ridge Market is closer to New York. You hear so many different languages while scouring the market. Russian, Portugese, Spanish and others I can't figure out. I love it there because people sell vintage and antique items as well as plants,flowers etc.

I love hunting for treasures. Different items you see bring back a lot of memories of things that we owned in the past when I was a child or other family members had. Some good conversation about what is this and what it that.

I watch Nate Berkus all the time. Wish I could go to the flea market with him. On his show they repurpose so many wonderful items. Truly making your home one of a kind. I love that...... Maybe one day I will run into Nate at the flea market. =)

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  1. MaryAnn those are the best flea markets.we have both kinds here..but I love the old ones the best...You can find old tresures that brings back memories..I have a resale shoppe I love,,it is The Samaritian Center..


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