Monday, July 18, 2011

Edwin McCain at the Steel Stacks

Last Friday night I got to see Edwin McCain for the first time in concert. The concert was held at a new local art center called the Steel Stacks. They are named that, because behind the center are the huge reminants of the Bethlehem Steel blast furnaces. The whole side wall fo the building is all glass. The furnaces are lit up at night in red.
My son, the view behind him was awesome. Sorry for the lousy photo but you weren't allowed to use a flash and it was dark.

Back to Edwin McCain. A friend of mine got me tickets to see the show. My son Chris was nice enough to go with me. It was dinner and a concert. I've been listening to Edwin for about a year now. His Best of Edwin McCain cd. I love his ballads. "I'll Be" and "Walk with you" are just beautiful. Hearing them is person was amazing. He is also wrote the song "Say Anything". His show was just wonderful. The stories he tells about his songs and his family are fantastic. If you get a chance to see him, GO, it is definately worth it.

I got to meet him after the show. What a humble man he is. The other two guys in the group Larry Chaney and Craig Shields were so nice to talk with also.

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