Monday, July 25, 2011

Marilyn's Macaroni Salad~

Marilyn's Macaroni Salad

1/2 package (2C.) Rotelli macaroni
3 hard boiled eggs
1 C. mayonaise (I prefer Kraft)
1/4 C. cream
1 tsp. sugar
2 T. vinegar
1 1/2 T. green pepper (I leave this out)
1 diced tomato

Cook macaroni as directed on package. Cool. Mix mayonaise with cream, sugar, salt and vinegar. Combine cooled macaroni and vegetables with mayonaise mixture. Pepper to taste. Refrigetate several hours or over night. 6 Servings.

My Sister in Law Marilyn was a wonderful cook. I don't know it this was a recipe of hers or one of the many that she collected. All I know is, it's one of my favorites! Enjoy!

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  1. This salad looks so good. I am making it for supper..thanks for the recipe..I like anything pasta,with fresh tomatoes.


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