Monday, November 21, 2011

{ Cookie Exchange - Party Check List }

Having a cookie exchange is a fun way to get together with family and friends friends that you may not see during the busy holiday season.

What is a cookie exchange? A group of friends getting together for a few hours to share cookies, recipes, an see your pretty house decorated for Christmas~ =) Each person brings one dozen prepackaged cookies to share. One for each guest and one to taste at the party.

Tips for your Cookie Exchange:

Schedule your date early in December

Invite your friends as soon as possible, December is a busy month

A pretty postcard invitation would be a nice surprise in their mailbox

Keep the guest list on the small side, I would suggest no more then 10 guests. Remember guests are supposes to bring enough cookies for each person plus one to share during the evening.

Pick out your cookie recipe, maybe try a new one!

Call each person or email them to collect their recipes and to tell them how many guests are coming so they bake enough cookies.

Gather all the recipes together to print out on recipe cards or simply on pretty paper with your printer

Decide on your menu. Cookies are sweet... sometimes you need something salty like pretzles or popcorn to tone down all the sugaryness =)Tea and coffee.

Think about how you will package your cookies for giving

A cute party favor would be extra special to remember the day

Gift bags needed for each guess to take their goodies home

Your camera, to take lots of photographs

Cookie Exchanges are one of the most fun holiday parties. When you get home you have an assortment of cookies to keep for Christmas (if you hide them) or a bunch to share with your family. Also wonderful new recipes to add to your collection.

What do you thing about having a cookie exchange?

Watch for more posts in this series to help you plan for your party~


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  1. My family really enjoys our cookie swap.we have ours Christmas each family arrives,we add the cookies to a huge basket, the gift bags are already made using a brown paper bag..the kids decorate the bags with stickers and colored pens.we clear the table add platters of cookies and the kids fill the bags..of course they have to eat their share..a family tradition~


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