Friday, November 4, 2011

{ First Snow }

Our first snow came very early this year for our area of Pennsylvania. Too early, at the end of October. We haven't even done our fall clean up yet. Six inches of heavy wet snow with the leaves still on the trees. The first Nor'easter of the year as we call them.

The photo abovie is taken from my front door. Looks different with some of the leaves still on the ground.
Below:Three miles from my home is a beautiful grist mill. My Honey and I decided to jump in our truck and go for a walk.

Grist Mill pond, desolate and beautiful.
Little smoke house
Wagner Grist Mill in Hellertown PA
Snow covered field. We were the only people there. So quiet and beautiful

Saucon creek, the dark water against the white snow was beautiful. Saucon is an Indian name, from local Indians who used to live here.

Walking along the Rails to Trails, this beautiful farm is one of my favorites to photograph. I love the little smoke house.

I don't remember having snow this early ever... We lost power for over 24 hrs. I enjoyed the quiet time with my Honey. But, I did really appreciate having electricity and my computer back... =)



  1. That stone building is absolutely gorgeous!

    What a beautiful blog. Sadly, blogger won't let me sign up as a follower right now, but I will try again when I come back!

    And your header is really pretty, too!


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