Sunday, November 13, 2011

{ Scrapbooking FREE Candy Corn Alpha Set U-Z }

Cute candy corn letters for all your fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving scrapbooking pages. I had so much fun drawing them. I hope you enjoy using them on your pages... make memories!

Collect the set. Candy Corn Alpha set for scrapbooking, printing.
300dpi PNG files.

For you own personal use. Do not re-share, sell or put in any collections.
Please read my Terms Of Use included in the zip file before using my graphics.

Please give credit to this blog when posting your scrapbooking pages online.

There ya go........ I hope you collected the whole set. Watch for the next alpha collection..... Candy Canes =)

Collect the Set:
Collect A-E here
Collect F-J here
Collect K-O here
Collect P-T here

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  1. Hi MaryAnn,
    Just popping in to say hi and check in with you. I have a new blog address (it's a Blogger page! lol). I am still learning the ways of Blogger, but I think my page is looking ok. Your graphics look gorgeous as always. Wishing you a wonderful week. ((hugs))


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