Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Even more flowers~

I've been on a flower and plant shopping spree lately. I bought a flat of pink Impatients, Swirl Raspberry and Accent Rose Star varieties to plant in the flower pots on my front porch steps. I also planted them in the barn pully planter I have hanging there. They will look so pretty when they start growing and fill out.

At the flea market I bought some new plants that I've never grown before. A Moon Flower vine which will have big white 6" flowers like Morning Glories, that bloom in the evening and smell like jasmine. I need to find a trellis or something for them to grow on. I guess I need to go shopping again =)

I also bought sweet potatoes vines in two colors, the chartruce green and a burgundy color. I just need to find a place to plant them.


  1. I love sweet potato plants,I have the three varieties,they actally had huge potatoes last year,they ran rampant,pretty plants.Love the pots on the steps..they always seem to say welcome ..

  2. hmmmm didn't think about potatoes, guess I should plant them with plenty of room =) I got them for the vines!

  3. The lime green ones had potatoes.I saved them to planr this year..I don't know if you can eat them..They do get huge..2 plants filled my whole front walkway~

  4. Oh yes..the moon flower is also a major vine..,they grown wild here..they are beautiful.blooms like a morning glory,big white flowers..evening blooms..LaMarr will pull up everyone he finds..makes me mad smile~
    You will love them..

  5. I love what you are doing with your blog sister, keep up the great work!
    Love ya bunches.

  6. Hi Mary Ann...Thanks for your visit to my blog! Have a happy Saturday! Susan


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