Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little shot glass~

Today while I was cleaning out my hutch I came across a small shot glass that used to belong to my parents. It brought back memories from when I was a child. Saying a shot glass brings back memories sounds funny when talking about your childhood, but what I remember about the shot glass is…..

In the spring and summer when I was a small child, when the little wild purple violets started to bloom I would pick them for my Mom. I would search high and low for enough violets to make a bouquet for her. Some of the other kids would join in and pick flowers for their mom’s also. When I was real little I mostly picked the flower heads but not enough stem. Mom explained to me about needing a longer stem for them to drink water, so I tried as best as I could to pick the whole stem of the flower. I would put them all together in my hand, matching up all the flower heads to make a nice round bouquet. It took a lot of Violets to make a nice bunch so it took me quite a long time to pick them. I just loved the beautiful purple color that they were. So tiny and delicate, the stems so fragile in my hand.

When I thought I had enough I would hurry home to give them to Mom. I remember skipping all the way up the street. I loved to skip, it made me feel so happy. I could feel my hair swinging from left to right as I skipped along. Then I would run up the front steps, and go around to the back door of the house that went into the kitchen. Quickly I would put the flowers behind my back before I went through the door. For some reason Mom always seemed to be in the kitchen. I would say “Mom I have something for you.” Then when she would turn to look I would quickly stick out my fist full of violets. Of course she loved them and exclaimed over them as Moms always do. Then she would go to the china cabinet and get out the little shot glass, fill it with water and in would go the little bouquet of violets. Then she would put the little “vase” on the buffet. I would go happily back to playing with a smile on my face. I wish I could still picks some Violets for you Mom, I hope there are Violets in Heaven for you….

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  1. MaryAnn I enjoyed reading about your mom~..such good memories of the times you had with her,the violets are beautiful,I wish you could pick violet for you mom today,I am sure she is watching over you every day of your life..Hugs Tea~


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