Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{ Christmas with a cat(s) }

Looking through photos from this Chrismtas and old photos from Christmases past. I had to giggle at all the cat-antics that showed up over the years. There is something about paper and boxes, dangly ornaments and tree skirts that just bring out the craziness in cats. =) I hope you enjoy the photos of my furballs.
This year is Fiona's first Christmas. She had fun playing in the garland.

Fiona is a Princess in the house and she wanted the sparkly beads all to herself. Maybe she wants to wear them for Christmas.

Mikey IN the Christmas tree. He is the first of our cats to do that. He is so big the whole tree was shaking. I guess he wanted a tree fort.

Rusty in the tree box. Over the years all the cats have loved playing in the Christmas tree box. You just can't keep them out of it.
ohhhhh SHINY.... I wonder what it is..... tap..tap...tap..hmmmm it moves...

Tell me, what is it with cats and the tree skirt??? Notice where the tree skirt is, in relationship to the tree.. No matter how many times I fixed it. This is what I found. Sparky loved it.

See what I mean? (he looks too cute doesn't he?)Yes my cats are spoiled.

Happy Kitty, this photo says it all. Rusty and his present from Kitty Claus =)

Be nice boys. Sometimes they don't want to share.
Do kids always fight over toys on Chrismtas???

Guess Comet won in the end ~

Christmas Cat-tales from our home to yours..
Meowy Christmas


  1. I really enjoyed the Cats Christmas... they are a joy to have...Merry Christmas MaryAnn Hugs Tea~

  2. I love this post! We have five cats, and they do love the tree skirt. Ours has a silky background, so they get a running start and slide under the tree. They also like to ambush each other from under the tree. Cats around Christmas are always tricky!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking the Facebook page. :) I look forward to reading your posts!


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