Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{ New Beginnings }

On Sunday my Honey's vacation was winding down. It was a beautiful day for January. Almost sixty degrees, which is unusual for winter. We decided to go for a walk at the lake. One of our favorite places.

I think a lot of other people wanted to get outside too. You never know when the cold weather or snow will hit us, so we were all enjoying this lil bit of spring.

I decided to bring along a thermos of hot chocolate with a secret stash of marshmallows. =) We walked two miles to the end of the path and sat at a picnic table by the small waterfall left over from a grist mill.

We were the only two people in our little spot. It was so quiet. We were hoping for a pretty sunset but the clouds started moving in. We decided to head on back. It was a long two miles in the other direction.

About half way back, a gentle rain started. I don't think we have ever walked in the rain. I was kind of special, holding on to my Honey's arm as we strolled along. We made it back to the truck and sat there for a few minutes. We sat and watched a huge flock of several hundred seagulls flew over the lake. They looked like diamonds in the sky. A perfect ending to a perfect day~ Days like this are treasures.



  1. I love cocoa...and what a perfect spot to enjoy it with your love.
    Happy New Year!


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